At all International Diplomat, we lead the democratisation of worlswide journalism, a matter between 1% and 99% of practice - Nous hébergeons la démocratisation du journalisme chez International Diplomat à travers le monde, une notion située entre 1% & 00% de pratique - Zafen demokratizasyon jounalis entènasyonal la shita kay International Diplomat, se youn pwatik ki de 1% a 99% - Dentro de una practica de 1% hasta 99% eres periodista, asì es la anda de democratisacion que sustene International Diplomat al rededor del mundo.

One-of-a-kind summer courses for an unprecedented summer

ONE-OF-A-KIND SUMMER COURSES FOR AN UNPRECEDENTED SUMMER This summer in Geneva you can learn English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, or 28 other languages by travelling around the world – virtually! Our engaging and productive summer lessons will allow you to live and breathe your chosen language and feel like you’re actually away on holiday. Your teacher, a native speaker, will lead you on a journey of enchanting and captivating discoveries. You’ll marvel at breathtaking landscapes, look in admiration at…

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